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Interview with Catherine Cook of catROCKS April 25, 2018 14:03 1 Comment


One of our favorite jewelry collections here at Tender Land Home is catROCKS by local designer Catherine Cooke. We absolutely love the bold, colorful statements shaped by her unique hand-made creations. We recently got a chance to ask Cat questions about what ROCKS her world. We adore Cat and know you will too. Enjoy. xo, Dave


What's your favorite gemstone?
Oh that's so hard because I'm rock obsessed! If I have to choose one it would be turquoise. I love to work with it and wear it. The bigger the piece the better! 

Who's had the greatest influence on your design sense?
Iris Apfel. I carried a photograph of Iris in my wallet since college, even before I moved to NYC. In the photo she is wearing about 1,000 pounds of turquoise and coral necklaces.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be on every Broadway stage... Just not in the way I imagined (I was the head of events, marketing/PR for The Actors Fund for a million years)

What's your favorite dog breed?
Cairn Terrier, I love terriers, especially the smart, sassy, Scottish non-shedders. 

What's your most favorite piece of jewelry you've designed?
I have a necklace in my personal collection that's made from vintage agate beads that my grandfather purchased many many years ago. He was a major rock hound and when I wear it I feel close to him.

What's your favorite metal to work with?
Copper for sure. Working with copper makes my hands happy.

If you could be someone else who would that be?
Dian Fossey.

Do you think of specific people when you design your jewelry?
Most of the time I design for myself... I make things that I would love to wear.  I am always surprised and so grateful when others love my pieces too.

Who is your favorite musical group or solo artist?
So hard... Aretha, Etta James, Annie Lenox, Ella Fitzgerald and Calder Mansfield :)

What have you accomplished in your life that's been the biggest surprise to you?
Making it thru this last Catskill Mountains winter!

The catROCKS collection available at Tender Land Home: 64 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY 12464.

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